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Rules for submitting Reviews

Please review only operators that you were on safari with yourself. Don't give reviews of other's safaris or about companies that you know only from hearsay.

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We don't allow advertising for own products or services. If you are working for a safari company, please resist the urge to rate your own company or any other. This is a site by travellers for travellers. If you offer a good product the good reviews will come anyway. Feel free, though, to refer your customers to this site if you think you did a good job.

Rules for including new Operators

Enter only companies that actually operate safaris. Don't enter mere booking agents, e.g. Travel agents in North America or Europe.

Before you enter a new operator check carefully if it is already included in the database (possibly under a slightly different name). Avoid double listings! Exception: if an operator has branches in several countries these should be listed in the respective countries.

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