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 not rated Abercrombie & Kent, Inc.
 not rated Aberdare Africa Travel
 not rated Academia Safaris
 not rated Active Car Hire & Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Adventure Africa Holidays (Nairobi)
 not rated Adventure Mombasa Safaris (Mombasa)
(1) Adventure Tours & Safaris
 not rated Africa Delights Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Africa Expeditions (Nairobi)
 not rated Africa Heart Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Africa Lastminute (Mombasa)
 not rated Africa Magical Tours (Nairobi)
 not rated African Attractions Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated African Circuit Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated African Horizons Travel & Safari (Nairobi)
 not rated African Memorable Safaris (Mombasa)
 not rated African Road Safaris Kimbla
 not rated African Route Safaris
(1) African Sermon Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated African Servalcat Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated African Twende Safaris (Mombasa)
 not rated Afrigala safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Afripot Safaris (Nairobi)
(4) Amicabre Travel Services (Nairobi)
(1) Arch Treks & Safaris (Nairobi)
(12) Asili Adventure Safaris (Nairobi)
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 not rated Bateleur Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Big Mountains Tours & Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Bright African Safaris (Arusha, TZ)
 not rated Brightdays Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Bush Homes of East Africa
(2) Bushtroop Tours and Safaris (Nairobi)
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(1) Call of Africa Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Capital Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Creative Africa Safaris (Nairobi)
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(1) Dallago Tours & Safaris (Kileleshwa)
 not rated Desert Rose Camel Safaris
(4) Diani Tours and Safaris (Diani Beach, Mombasa)
(1) DM Tours (Diani Beach)
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 not rated East Africa Safari Ventures (Nairobi)
 not rated East African Wildlife Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Eastern & Southern Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Eyes On Africa Safaris (Mombasa-Nairobi)
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 not rated F.Kings Tours & Safaris (Mombasa)
 not rated First African Dream Tours & Safaris (Mombasa)
 not rated Freeman Safaris
(1) Furstenberg Safaris (Nairobi)
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 not rated Gametrackers (Nairobi)
 not rated Geosafaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Giant Trails Safaris (Mombasa)
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 not rated Habib's Tours & Travel (Nairobi)
 not rated Hamerkop Safaris (Nairobi)
(2) Holiday Inspirations ( HITS) (Mombasa)
 not rated Hoopoe Safaris Kenya (Nairobi)
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 not rated Ice Rock Mountain Trekking
 not rated Ice Rock Mountain Treks and Safaris
 not rated Introducing Africa (Nairobi)
 not rated Ita Tours, Safaris & Adventure (Diani Beach)
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(62) JT Safaris (Mombasa)
(1) Julius Thuvi Safaris (Mombasa)
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(3) Kanga Tours & Safaris
 not rated Kanyada Tours & Travel (Nairobi)
 not rated Karibu Kenya Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Kenko Tours and Travel (Nairobi)
 not rated Kenya Easy Safaris (Mombasa, Nairobi)
 not rated Kenya Masai Mara Adventure Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Kenya Safari Service (Diani Beach)
 not rated Kenya Safaris Tour (Nairobi)
 not rated Kenya Wildlife Trails (Nairobi, Mombasa)
 not rated Ker & Downey Safaris
 not rated Ketty Tours (Mombasa)
 not rated Kiwara Safaris
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(1) Last Mile Expeditions (Nairobi)
 not rated Lexxas Adventure Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Lion Kenya Tours & Travel (Nairobi)
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 not rated Maridadi Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Monika Tours & Safaris (Mombasa)
 not rated Mount Kenya Climbing (Nairobi)
 not rated Mount Kenya Climbing Expeditions (Nairobi)
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(1) Natural World (Mombasa)
 not rated Naturetrek Adventure Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Njewa Safaris (Nairobi)
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 not rated Offbeat Safaris (Nanyuki)
(3) Ontdek Kenya (Nyeri)
 not rated Oranje Safari (Mombasa)
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(1) Paradise Found Safaris (Mombasa)
 not rated Peema Safaris (Nairobi)
(2) Planet Safari Adventure
 not rated Pori Tours and Travels (Nairobi)
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 not rated Raylenne Tours & Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Reflect of Africa (Nairobi)
 not rated Rift Valley Adventures (Timau)
 not rated Rift Valley Safaris (Nairobi)
(2) Right Choice Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Ringo Tours & Safaris (Mombasa)
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 not rated Safari Seekers Kenya (Nairobi)
 not rated Samburu Trails Trekking Safaris
 not rated SHarity Safaris (Mombasa)
(1) Skyview of Africa Tours & Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Southern Cross Safaris (Mombasa)
 not rated Special African Adventure Safaris (Mombasa)
 not rated Spot Kenya Safaris (Mombasa)
 not rated Standout Adventures
 not rated Sun Trek Safaris (Nairobi)
(2) Sunworld Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Superb Africa Safaris (Nairobi)
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 not rated Tanzania Safari Adventure (Nairobi)
 not rated Tharua Safaris
 not rated The Eriksen Adventure (Nairobi.)
 not rated Travel Concerns
 not rated Travel Waves Safaris (Nairobi)
 not rated Tropical Breeze Safaris (Nairobi)
(1) Tropical Vacations Inc (Nairobi)
 not rated Turaco Adventure Safaris & Tours (Nairobi)
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 not rated Utalii Tours & Safaris (Nairobi)
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 not rated Waku Waku Safaris
(2) Wild Escape Tours And Travel (Nairobi)
(4) Wildlife Kenya Safaris (Mombasa)
 not rated Wildwatch Safaris
(1) Woni Safaris