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 ohne Bew. 4x4 Adventures Ltd (Arusha)
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 ohne Bew. A Tent With A View Safaris
 ohne Bew. AAA Express Adventure Ltd (Arusha)
(1) Aardvark Expeditions (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Abercrombie & Kent, Inc.
 ohne Bew. Aberdare Africa Travel
 ohne Bew. Abrojaley Africa Ajabu (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Absolute Afriacan Adventures (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Access 2 Tanzania
 ohne Bew. Active Africa
 ohne Bew. Active Safaris (Arusha)
(1) Advenor (Arusha)
(1) Adventureland Safaris (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Afri Roots (Dar es Salaam)
 ohne Bew. Afric' Aventure
 ohne Bew. Africa Adventure Safari (Arusha)
(1) Africa Dream Safaris
 ohne Bew. African Amazing Adventures
 ohne Bew. African Dream Adventure Safaris (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. African Environments
 ohne Bew. African Legends (Arusha)
(1) African Trails
 ohne Bew. African Wilderness Trails (Arusha)
(2) AfriGalaxy Tours & Travel
 ohne Bew. Afrika Dream Adventure
 ohne Bew. Ajabu Adventures (Arusha)
(5) Amani Afrika (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Amazing Tanzania
 ohne Bew. Auram Safaris (Arusha)
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(2) Base Camp Tanzania
(1) Bobby Camping Safaris
(1) Bobby Tours & Safaris
 ohne Bew. Bobby Trekking Safaris (Arusha)
(5) Bright African Safaris (Arusha)
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 ohne Bew. CBM Safaris (Dar es Salaam)
 ohne Bew. Congema Tours and Safaris (Arusha)
(2) Crown Eagle
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 ohne Bew. Duma Expeditions (Moshi)
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 ohne Bew. Ecological Wilderness Adventures (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Elephant Adventures Tours (Dar es Salaam)
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 ohne Bew. Fay Safaris (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Flycatcher Safaris
 ohne Bew. Friends of Africa Family Safaris (Arusha)
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 ohne Bew. Heritage Tours & Safari (Zanzibar)
 ohne Bew. High Peaks Expeditions (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Hima Tours and Safaris (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Hippo Tours & Safaris (Dar Es Salaam)
 ohne Bew. Hoopoe Safaris (Arusha)
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 ohne Bew. Introducing Africa (Arusha)
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 ohne Bew. Jackpot Tours & Safaris (Arusha)
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 ohne Bew. Kanyada Tours & Travel (Arusha)
(1) Kearsley Travel & Tours
(1) Kiboko Safaris (Arusha)
(2) Kili Explorer Ltd (Arusha)
(4) Kilidove Tours and Safaris (Arusha, Moshi)
 ohne Bew. Kilimanjaro Climb Expeditions (Nairobi, Moshi)
 ohne Bew. Kilimanjaro-Serengeti Tours & Travels (Dar es Salaam + Kilimanjaro)
 ohne Bew. Kiliwarrior Expeditions
(1) Kinyonga Tours & Safaris
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 ohne Bew. Last Mile Expeditions (Arusha)
(7) Leopard Tours
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 ohne Bew. Malaika Tours
(2) Malson Safaris (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Mind & Soul Travel (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Miombo Safaris (Dar Es Salaam)
 ohne Bew. Monda Africa Tours & Safaris (Zanzibar)
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(2) Naipenda Safaris (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Nature Beauties Safaris Ltd
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(96) Paradies Safaris
 ohne Bew. PizzArusha (Arusha)
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 ohne Bew. Rafiki Africa (Mwanza)
 ohne Bew. Real Adventure (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Rhino Adventure Tours (Arusha)
(1) Roy Safaris
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 ohne Bew. Safari Dreamers (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Safari Express Adventure (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Safari Images
(1) Safari Makers
 ohne Bew. Safari Team TZ (Dar es Salaam)
(2) Scan-Tan Tours
 ohne Bew. SED Tours and Safaris ltd (Arusha)
(13) Shidolya Tours & Safaris (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Sky of Serengeti Safaris (Arusha)
(1) Sunny Safaris
 ohne Bew. Superb Tours and Safaris (Arusha)
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(2) Tontu Safari Tours &Travel Ltd (Arusha)
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 ohne Bew. Warrior Trails (Arusha)
 ohne Bew. Wild Things Safaris (Dar Es Salaam)
 ohne Bew. Wilderness Africa
(1) World Tours & Safaris
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 ohne Bew. Yarae Safari (Arusha)
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 ohne Bew. Zamba Tours & Safaris (Moshi)
 ohne Bew. Zanziland Holidays Experts Co. (Zanzibar )
 ohne Bew. Zara Tanzania Adventures